Private Events Q & A

Booking a Private Event:

How do I book a private event at Raven’s Head Public House?

If you’re reading this document then you have already made the right step by to visiting our website, calling or e-mailing us! The first step is to get in contact with us either via e-mail, via telephone 718.777.7565, via our website or in person 38-04 Broadway Astoria NY. Please ask for a manager and we will gladly assist you in booking and planning your event.

I’ve never booked or planned a private event before, where do I start?

Please start by contacting us! We have hosted parties of all budgets, sizes and event types and welcome questions of all kinds. We are here to help you and will answer all and every one of your questions to the best of our abilities. Some information that may help us when you initially contact us is Date of the desired event, Number of Guests, Time Frame and Type of Event i.e. birthday party. The more information you can provide us up front, the faster and easier we can assist you in booking and planning your event.

I like the space and want to book the event, how do I insure the space, date and time is reserved?

In order to finalize the booking of your party we require a deposit, which is then subtracted for your overall bill at the end of your party. You can provide your deposit via credit card over the phone, or cash or credit card in person. Please note, a party is not booked until the deposit is finalized. We encourage all parties to provide the deposit as soon as possible because parties book months in advance.

I know I want to book the party and give a deposit, but my party is weeks or even months away and I don’t know my food or drink choices yet, what can I do?

Luckily, we accept deposits to book the space, but you do not have to finalize your food or drink options until a week prior to your event date. This ensures you have enough time to gather rsvps from guests, organize your budget and coordinate with us to plan your event!

I think I might have to change the event date or cancel my event, what happens to my deposit?

If you want to change your event date we do not require a new deposit and can change the date if the new date is available. If you wish to cancel your event we require 3 weeks’ notice prior to the event date for a full deposit refund. We do not issue partial deposit refunds.

Private Event Space:

How Many Private Event Spaces do you have?

We have two wonderful Private Event Spaces, both with great features to accommodate groups of any size, budget or event type. Our Attic Space is located on our second floor and features two private bathrooms (one with changing table), large private bar, two 80’’ projector screens and space for over 80 guests. Our Poe’s Parlour is great for large group reservations or sit-down dinner events with seated space at low tables for over 40 guests. Poe’s Parlour also has a private bar, one 80’’ projector screen, 6 televisions and space for over 55 guests to mingle!

Do you have a Private Event Space that is Handicap Accessible?

Yes, our Poe’s Parlour is Handicap Accessible and is conveniently located near the Handicap Accessible Restroom on our Main Level.

Food & Drink:

Do you offer food and drink specials for private events?

Yes! We have an entire menu dedicated to food and drink options for private parties. Please find the menu on our website under the “Private Events” tab or simply contact us and we will e-mail it to you! You can also stop in and grab one of our tri-fold Private Events Menus to take home.

May I bring my own food to the party?

While we would love to try your amazing cooking, we do not allow outside food during private events. We have a special private events food menu we can offer you, however we do allow dessert items such as cake and cupcakes to be brought in.

I looked at the private events menu, but I want to add something else to it, is this possible?

Yes, our private events menu is flexible and we can add any of our great Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Menu items, simply ask and we will provide you a price quote. We can also accommodate dietary and allergy restrictions with advanced notice.

I looked at the private events menu, but I don’t want to do food for my party, can my guests order off of the regular menu?

Yes, guests can order off of our Lunch, Brunch (when applicable) and Dinner Menus A La Carte during your event.

Open Bar:

I see you have open bar options, do my guests or I have to participate in an open bar to have a party?

No, an open bar option is not mandatory to have a party, but is encouraged! Open Bar options are provided to be more cost effective and fun for the entire group!

I want the open bar option, but not all of my guests want to participate, can I still do it?

Yes, you may offer an open bar option to your party even if the whole group is not participating. In order to offer an open bar option to your group we ask that the organizer pick one tier i.e. 3 Hour Basic for the whole group. We require at least 20 guests to participate.

I like my guests, but I don’t want to pay for them to do the open bar, does everything have to go on one tab?

We like your guests too and we understand, so even if you have an open bar option guests can pay separately with cash or credit card during the event and we will hand them a wristband!

I picked an open bar option, but a lot of my guests are arriving at different times, can the open bar start when they arrive?

In order to maintain organization and drinks flowing efficiently, the open bar option must start and end at a set time. If your guests arrive after the start time of the open bar and still want to participate they will still have to pay the same price.


May I Decorate for my event?

Yes! You may decorate however you would like for your event including, but not limited to, Table Cloths, Wall Decorations, Table Centerpieces and Hanging Decorations – Even Piñatas. You can go as big or as little as you would like. We have a few restrictions about tape on certain parts of the painted walls, but we will definitely point these areas out to you.

Can I come in early before my event to decorate and set up?

Yes you may, as long as there is not another private event before you. Simply coordinate with us and we will let you know for sure when you can set up.